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Real Estate Drone Photos and Videos

Altair Productions is one of Eastern Idaho's most experienced drone professionals. Drone photos and video can add a lot to a property. Some properties are hard to see without getting a bird's-eye view. In today's age, you'll find all types of people wanting to help get you that drone shot. At Altair Productions, we've been certified by the FAA and are a current FAA Part 107 Certificate holder. 

What is an FAA Part 107 Certificate?

A part 107 certificate holder is certified to fly commercially in the US. In order to get that certification, the holder had to answer a number of questions that test the pilot's knowledge on anything from weather patterns to airspace laws. These are important things to know when dealing with the same airspace manned aircraft use. Not only are we certified, but we're also experienced. We have been building and flying unmanned aircraft for over 10 years, when the technology was just immerging. With that kind of experience, it's easy to trust your work to Altair Productions.

  • Save $50 when added to any Video Tour Package
  • Additional fees may apply if an FAA authorization or waiver is needed


  • includes 5-10 photos
  • Save $25 when added to a Photo Package
  • additional fees may apply if an FAA authorization or waiver is needed