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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Wondering where we got our name? The founder of Altair Productions, Spencer Trejo, first started his passion in photography and videography with aerial services in mind, using drones and rc airplanes.  Since then he has expanded his business and grown it to include much, much more. So, in looking for a name for his new business, he decided to combine two descriptive words, Altitude and Air, to create Altair.

In doing some research, it has many other significant and related meanings.  The word altair is an Arabic word meaning "flying eagle", servicing right in line with Altair Productions' original goal of providing quality Aerial Photography and Videography. 

Altair is also a star located in the northern summer sky.  This star, located 16.7 light years from Earth, is one of the closest stars that is visible by the naked-eye.  The star, Altair, is also a little different from the rest, spinning at nearly 185 miles a second at the equator, making it kind of an over achiever. In fact, it is spinning at about 90 percent of the speed it would take before it completely blows apart. Now that's what I call pushing your limits. Like the star, Altair Productions likes to push the limits of what we can do, because we know our customers want the best.

A: Spencer is a Husband, Father, and Eastern Idaho Local.  He graduated from Bonneville High School in 1998, and has since earned his Associates in Business Marketing and Management at Eastern Idaho Technical College.  He's always had a passion for art in many ways and is very passionate about photography. Spencer studied photography with a group of peers in an online learning course lead by photography master, David Sharpe, called The Arcanum. Since that time, he has continually searched for ways to push his artistic abilities and reach out to others to share in his learning process. Spencer's local landscape art can be found in many places around Eastern Idaho and beyond.  Spencer's commercial photography and videography work is worth checking out too.

A: At Altair Productions, we believe the way you feel when you see a photo or watch a video does more for the viewer than what you see. The way someone feels when they first see your listing photos will determine whether or not they want to go visit the listing. It will ultimately determine whether or not they put in an offer.  When you list your home with low quality photos, it will make even the nicest home feel mediocre. Altair Production uses HDR imagery to capture the bright windows and the dark corners.  We use state of the art equipment to make sure quality isn't compromised, and you aren't limited by what we can do.

A: Easy! When you have a listing that needs photos or videos, just call, text or fill out this form so we have all the relevant information, and we do the rest.  We will contact the owner, schedule a time to take the photos/video, and within 36 hours of the shoot, you'll have your photos.

Videos need at least 72 hours for additional editing. Want to be there for the shoot?  No problem! I'm happy to meet the realtor/builder/owner there to walk through the house and show me around.  I love feedback and suggestions of all kinds.  After all, this is your listing.

A: It's your standard license. I've included it below. If you have any questions or special requests, I'm happy to chat with you about your options. I'm flexible in special situations.

"By accepting these photographs and/or videos, the client agrees that it owns a license to use the photographs and/or videos provided for the duration that the client is the listing agent for the property. The client further agrees that Altair Productions, LLC is and will remain the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest, throughout the world, to all of these photographs and/or videos and any copies of any of these photographs and/or videos. The client further agrees that he/she will not use the photographs and/or videos for any of the following reasons: 1) in an unlawful manner, 2) in any trademark, design, logo, or other mark unless expressly provided in writing by Altair Productions LLC, 3) in any good or products where the photographs and/or videos are the primary value, 4) any alteration of the photographs and/or videos, and 5) in any kind of sublicense without the prior written permission of Altair Productions, LLC."