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Preparing your home can be a lot of work. In order to insure yours and our safety and to limit the time we spend in your home, we ask for the following:
  1. The home must be vacant during the photo shoot. This could require the family to leave for a short time while I'm there.
  2. All lights must be on, ceiling fans off, toilets seats down and doors to all rooms open (unless you don't want the room photographed). I will be shooting the house as is, so it needs to be ready.
  3. I will need instructions on how to access the house prior to the shoot. I'm happy to meet someone at the house (homeowner or realtor) to give access to the house if needed. 
  4. The house will be left as is once I'm finished. I will inform the homeowner or realtor upon completion and can wait at the home in my car until they get back if needed.
  5. I use sanitizer before each shoot, and do my best to limit contact within the home. I no longer wear a mask in the home, unless requested by the homeowner.
  6. If the home is vacant (not being lived in) and arrangements are made to allow access, I'd be happy to turn lights on before the shoot and turn lights off after the shoot. I'm happy to lock up when I'm done if possible.

These guidelines are critical to follow. I will be shooting the home as is, so please be read through and follow the instructions as closely as possible.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.