Home Prep Guide

Preparing your home can be a lot of work. In order to insure yours and our safetly and to limit the time we spend in your home, we ask for the following:


1 - There may be a maximum of two people in the home when we show up.  This would include your realtor if they wish to be present.
2 - All pets must be in cages or taken with you and out of any room that needs to be photographed.
3 - All lights must be on, ceiling fans off, toilets seats down and doors to all rooms open (unless you don't want the room photographed). I will be shooting the house as is, so it needs to be ready.
4 - If preferred, you may leave the house vacant. If this is your preference, please let me know how you would like me to access the property.
5 - If left vacant, the house will be left as is once I'm finished. I will inform the homeowner or realtor upon completion and where possible, I will lock the door behind me.


Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.


HomePrepSheet - AltairPro.jpg